Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Sarah Jane Dias, Anjali Lavania, Jackie Shroff, Atul Kulkarni, Brahmanandam, Ali, Subbaraju, Adivi Sesh, Jhansi, Tanikella Bharani, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Sampath

Crew :

  • Story & Direction – Vishnu Vardhan
  • Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja  - Follow Yuvan Shankar Raja
  • Cinematographer – P S Vinod
  • Editor – A Sreekar Prasad
  • Action Choreographer – Sham Kaushal
  • Art – Sunil Babu
  • Screenplay – Rahul Koda
  • Dialogues – Ravi Abburi
  • Styling – Anu Vardhan
  • Publicity Designer – Neel Roy
  • Still Photographer – V Sittrarasu
Direction Department
  • S Shivakar
  • Rohin
  • Sruti Hari
  • Ram Mohan Chiguluri
  • Rishi Prasad (Dialogue Supervisor)
  • Akshay Akkineni
  • Suman Chikkala
  • Vamsidhar
Associate Cinematographers
  • Ravivarman Neelamegam
  • Srinivasan Venkatesh
Assistant Cinematographers
  • Phani Acharya
  • Dinesh M
Art Department
Art Director  – Vaishnavi Reddy
Associate Art Director – Seenu V
Art Department Assistants
  • Ravi Jakkula
  • Khushbu Doshi
  • Ashokan
  • Raju Mahale
Prop Master – Sundar

Its all about Mafia,Bhagavan(jakie Sheroff) is a Mafia don who came from rags to riches and is Fond of his evil son Advi Sesh who lusts for Anjali Lavanya,a club dancer who loves Jai(pawan Kalyan,who is loyal to Bhagavan,Pawan meets Sarah Jane who is fond of nurserys!Subbaraju is a brother of Sarah Jane Dias,And the rest of the story is about Pawan Kalyan and his loyality towards Bhagawan for his Help in his childhood.

Well asusual it was an out and out show by Pawan Kalyan,His expressions,Eyes,Dialouge modulation,Dance Oh my god the more we talk abt him is less.His pressesnce in the movie is very honest,stylish and we can see his grace in dancing especiallly in Paprayudu with ease and Panjaa title track where his simple coreographed steps matched with his style!

And then comes Advi Sesh,Though his Karma was futile he will Soon be one of the most influencing Actors(negative) in the future,He did a terrific job,His role was of  spoilt Brat,and no one could have done better than him.Though his role was only in 1st half he made his pressence felt.

Sarah Jane Das was just ok,while Anjali Lavanya  added glamour though she lived short in the movie.Ali was good,but we felt he was wasted,Bramhi rocked the 2nd half,his pressense is enough to make audience smile and with a great chemistry between him and Pawan,the scenes became very entertaining,Jakie shroff was good,so was Atul Kulkarni,and Tanikella Bharani,Subbaraju, Jhansi, Paruchuri   Venkateswara Rao, Sampath, Kishore Ballal  had short roles but had the impact on the movie.

Pawan Kalyan
Advi Sesh
Dialouges by Aburi Ravi

2nd Half was little draging
Panjaa title track was too good but all wished it should have placed at the begining of thew movie rather than at the end.
2nd half was not that griping
Ali wasted

Panjaa started with titles same as that of Sherlok Holmes,It was very impressive and the movies starts with the dialouge "sahayam chesina variki krutagnata telapakapovadam anta tappo.. sahayam chesi kuda krutagnata korukovadam ante tapppu"This dialouge is apt with the psychological feeling face by Pawan Kalyan in the movie,The movie goes very unpredictable in the first half every one was shocked at the way the pre interval scene was beeing shaped,All credits obviously goes to Vishnu Vardhan for his screenplay in the most stylish way ever,Fights were too good,Bramhanadam and Pawan gave nice entertaining scenes,However 2nd half dragged a bit and there was no meaning in Pawan Kalyan Avoiding Bhagwan,Panjaa goes slow in the 2nd half but picks up the pace in the climax!And here comes the Panjaa title track one of the best musical chartbuster of the season filmed in the most stylish way it will be a eye treat to watch Pawan Kalyan groving up!The Discussions for top star in TFI can be closed.

out and out thriller and entertainer settles little less than must watch but is sure a eye fest for fans
1st of being good and 2nd half being abv avg to avg,over all the movie is good but not great


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  1. good and frank review
    i agree muvy was boring in the 2nd half..
    nice review keep it up

  2. good and frank review
    i agree muvy was boring in the 2nd half..
    nice review keep it up


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