Mahesh Babu   as Surya
Kajal Agarwal as Chitra
Prakash Raj   as Jaydev
Ayesha Shiva  as Ayesha

Other Cast
  Sayaji Shinde
  Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
  Raza Murad
  Jahangir Khan
  Bharath Reddy

Technical Department

Produced       by   Venkat

Copied Music   by   Thaman S.

Cinematography by   Shyam K. Naidu

Film Editing   by   S.R. Shekhar

Visual Effects by   Michael Cliett

Story Dialogue Screeplay By Puri Jagannath

Story :
Businessman is a one Man show of Puri Jagan Showing Mahesh Babu in a never before avatar as a supreme hero,Puri Jagan moulded Mahesh as a very ambitious person,and Mahesh Babu wants to rule the world.He Comes To Mumbai For Making Mumbaikars Piss,he is desperate of power and wants to grow a mafia empire which was diluted by Nazzer the Comissioner of Mumbai. In this plan he loves his Daughter (Kajal Agarwal) who is a painter and the movie goes on and on ...

Performances :

Mahesh has done a brilliant job again as always,he is like a clay he gets moulded by all his director's and puri has used him to its best, he showed the heroism in telugu film industry as never before, where the his Character is similar to a GodFather. His dialogue modultion is being improved from movie to movie.

Kajal is just Ok.She was not so Glamourous except the Chandamama Song. where the Seduction was too Good. Actually She didnt Have much of scope for acting as usual in Puri's movie the heroines are given less screen space..So there is nothing Suprising...

Nazer,Prakash Raj,Sayaji Shinde were Ok to their characters. While Subbaraju, Bhramaji amd  others were wasted.

Technical Departments :
We can find RGV's way of filming in every frame of the movie,especially in the beginning.Puri Jagan looks desperate for a hit to bring back his lost glory,Businessman has shades of Chirutha,Pokiri,Ek Niranjan even Kantri too,Though his dialogues were too good and may be new.
Cinematography was good,Music was good but Taman doest deserve the credit as even he didn't do BGM on his own,then comes editing which we found good.

Analysis :
The movie started with  Unpredictable narration and it went up to the interval were the audience got pissed of with what why was Mahesh doing.And at the interval was same that of Pokiri where the heroine catches the hero red handed doing some chase,And in 2nd half too only Dialouges were good and Climax was not at all justified,in fact Puri Failed to show why did Mahesh come to Mumbai only,and the whole election thing didn't serve any purpose.Songs were just ok visually and the whole item song was bad and the Swetha Baradwaj's Dance at the audio function was far hotter and in fact better.

Positives :
Fights Are Good And Deserve A Good Applause

Negatives :
Lack of Comedy
Kajal Agarwal
Audience got pissed of with that pissing dialogue
Weak storyline
Heroism at peaks beyond limits

Final Verdict:
Puri Jagan tried to give a new definition to the businessman but he didn't justify it anywhere perfectly and so all the mind blowing dialogues will go futile but the movie settles as a 1 time watchable movie.


Review By Satyajith



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