Cast : Nitin , Nitya Menon , Ajay , Nagineedu , Sindhu Tulani 

Cinematography : P.C.Sriram

Director : Vikram K kumar 

Producer M.Vikram Goud 

Nitin who is said to be a biggest flop hero in the Telugu industry in recent times has made a promising flick with ' Ishq '. The trailers and audio were promising the audience to make bit of hope on the film. So lets check the review. 

Story : Rahul (Nitin) and Priya (Nitya Menon) miss to meet each other in a traffic jam.But fate makes them to meet each other in the airport were they both take the same flight. Due to bad wether they land in at Goa were they get close to each other in a very short span of time and the rest of the story is how they get succeeds in Love. 

Performance : Nitin was completely at his best with his emotions and expressions. Nitin was very fresh in this film after a series of flops. Nitya Menon has been given equal scope in the film with Nitin. The chemistry between the lead actors was amazing. Once again Nitya Menon has delivered wonderful performance as she has done the same type of character in her previous film. Ajay's character was good in the 2nd half . Not many comedians were in the film. Naagineedu plays an important role in the film 

Technical aspects : Direction of Vikram kumar was ok in the first half but second half has some intresting screenplay towards the end. Screen play should have been much better. Music by Anup Rubens and Arvind Shanker is good Back ground was also good. Dialouges by Ramesh Samala were good and Humorous. P.C.Sriram cinematography was the main asset for the movie. Sreekar Prasad editing was also good. 

  1. Cinematography 
  2. Lead pair chemistry 
  3. Songs 
  4. BGM 
  5. Screenplay 
Minus :

  1. Run time 

Final Verdict : Ishq was a film which is a good attempt by Nitin. It was a feel good movie. If u are a Class Oriented you will like the movie. But this film misses the Mass Audience. 

Our Rating : 3.25/5 

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