Cast : Sunil , Isha Chawla , Ali , Pradeep Rawath , Dev Gill etc.

Cinematography : Prasad Moorella 

Director : Veera Badram 

Producer : Achhi Reddy 

Story : Two land lords in which one Gang is lead by Pradeep Rawath (Lala Goud) and the other is headed by Dev Gil (Konda Reddy) they both fight for 30 acres of Land and they kill all the people who tries to buy that land. In mean time Ranga (Sunil) buys that land and he comes to a village were he owns the land and after coming there he comes to know that who ows the land will be killed so Sunils tries to combine the two  familes in course he falls in love with Anitha (Isha chawla) and from here the story goes that  how Ranga (Sunil) succeeds in his love and what happens to the 30 acres of land is the remaining story.

Performance : Sunil was Awesome in the movie with his Six pack body besides his Performance and Dances Especially in the Emotional scenes he was Extra-ordinary which lifts the movie with his acting and his Bhimavaram english was good were the entire Dev Gill and gang protrates the word ' Dabaang Dabaang '. Isha Chawla was also Good in her given role and her dances was good enough . Pradeep Rawath and Dev Gill were good in their respective Characters. After long time Ali was has been seen in a lengthy role were he manages his comedy a bit.

Technical Aspects : Veera Badram direction was good and he gets the Comedy punches very well in the first half. Screen play was ok but it could have been much crispier. Cinematography by Prasad moolrellawas good and Music by Anoop Rubens was good for this type of films.

Final verdict : First half of the film was a bit lengthy and it provides more comedy which doesnt make the audience feel bore and it was decent . But the second half was good with twits and turns in the climax Sunils Six pack abs fight was good and attracts the Mass audience

Plus :
  1. Sunil's perforamce 
  2. Choreography 
  3. Comedy especially the Bhimavaram english
  4. Dev Gill 
Minus :
  1. First half was a bit dragged 
  2. Second Half melo drama 

Our rating : 2.5/5

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