Mahesh Babu-one of the leading Star of Tollwoood,with Huge Following with Just 4 Blockbusters to His kitty is being accused By many people in the leading Social Networks for making no movie with original content,every movie is inspired(should be read Plagiarised) from one or other,and to escape all this criticism he chooses some highlight scenes and then mixes it with the main plot inspired from some other Movie
Here is the Basic list of them,Check all these Lists at IMDB and Wikipedia,if you are free(if you don't believe us) You can Dl and watch these movies

Dookudu : Good bye lenin

Athadu : Shooter ;MONK ,(Tum Ko Na Bhool Payenge)

Athidi - Usual Suspects (Kaiser Soze) 

Nani - Big

Khaleja - Sahara

Pokiri- Departed, State Rowdy

Takkari Donga: Meckkanas Gold 

Rajakumarudu - Mask Of Zorro

Sainikudu - Yuva michael's character

Yuvaraju - Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai

Vamsi 1st half -- DDLJ, MI-2 2nd half

Businessman - Satya + all RGV movies mix

And Lot more to come Stay tuned!

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