Finally the big day has arrived . Why this Kolaveri di ? The song which ruled the hearts of music lovers hit the Big screen today . 'Dhanush' and "Shruthi Hassan' starrer "3"released under huge expectations in Telugu as well . Debut director , spouse of dhanush 'Aishwarys R Dhanush ' with the debut music director 'Anirudh Ravichandran' put their sweat and blood in their baby project . National Award winner Dhanush yet agin arrived with his Trade mark local style of acting . It would be an another undoubted award winning performance . The names Aishwaya (Daughter of one superstar) , Shruthi Hassan(Daughter of another superstar) and Dhanush are enough for a project to go crazy in the film industry . Lets take a deeper look into the film .

Story :

The entire film runs on the flash back Plot . The movie starts off with a terrible blow to a married girl Janani (Shruthi ) . she recounts her past , unraveling the love story . Ram(dhanush) and Janani (Shruthi ) are the students of plus 2 . Ram meets janani unexpectedly on the road and aid her in repairing the bicycle . Ram falls for janani at instant and decides to follow her . He is accompanied by his friend and follows Janani wherever she goes . In this process , ram finds about janani's visit to the tutorial and he makes up his mind to attend the tutorial and impress her . This makes uncomfortable for her and she requests Ram not to follow her . The over excited Ram doesn't listen to her and follows her again . Janani fall for his sincerity and dedication and accepts his love . Just like all the lovers they start to roam on the bikes , talking through phones and enjoys in an another world . With the request of Janani's mother she agrees to go to US with her and explains Ram about her problem . Reluctant ram gets hurt to this and scolds janani . This makes her to feel insecure and decides not to go with her mother and reveals her love with Ram to her parents . They deny her request and in addition to this request her to leave the house . Helpless janani comes to Ram and asks him to marry her . Ambiguous Ram goes to his father and explain his love and his father accepts him with a kind heart . They get marry and leads a beautiful life . What happens to Ram after marriage and what leads him to take a worth risk decision forms the rest of the story .

On Screen:

The only hero on screen would be Dhanush . He wins the heart of the audience with his impeccable acting . He looks adorable as the student and its hard to believe how he managed to transform into a Teenage boy . Its unbelievable how he pulled off the role with extreme care as a student and as well as businessmen in the same film . There are few scenes which haunt you the acting caliber of Dhanush irrespective of the result of the film . He looked as a perfect innocent in the first half and deadly as the victim of Bi polar disorder suffering from maniac and depression . The climax scene where he takes off his life is a pure classic . His expressions as an actor are immeasurable . Shruthi hassan looked gorgeous in few scenes . Her physique suited perfect as the school girl . Most of the film she was seen crying . Although she never over acted , yet her expressions are repetitive . Apart from the lead pair the rest of the characters have nothing much to do in the film . Janani as Shruthi's mother was perfect to the role . Prabhu was okay and Siva bought huge laughs in the first half with his one - liners .

Off screen :

More than captain of ship , i would like to give the credit to the debutant music director "Anirudh" . There is some magic in his hands . His BGM was excellent . Its hard to find the drum sounds or Trumpets in the entire movie . He mostly used Piano , flute , violin . It might be an over rated compliment , but without an hesitation i would say his Back ground music reminded me of Ilayaraja and A.R.Rahman . Coming to the director , The way of narration and maintaining the suspense till the end are impressive . She succeeds in the first half by keeping the story lively with good one-liners and the mixed emotions of the lead pair in their younger age . The progress of the love tale between the lead stars is interesting. But in the second half, she seems to have lost the grip on the script, as it is too dragging at parts . Yet she managed to maintain the suspense in her narration . With a better story and an improvised second half would have been a sure shot hit. Editing was clean without any brisks and it was pleasant to watch . With a few scenes edited in the second half might have given a bigger scope to the film .

My Opinion :

The first half of the movie moves happily with the love in air, reminding many of us our own school crushes and love stories for sure . The Kolaveri Di, which I was eagerly waiting for and which came soon after the interval, the picturization in short is just a "Big Minus" . I was highly disappointed with the improper choreography an abnormal situation for the song . The pace of the film was slow right form the beginning of the movie . Aishwarya concentrated more on capturing the emotions of the actors rather than believing in the racy screenplay . The plot takes its own time to clear up though not boring but , at the end of the movie we might get a stretched feel . I was a big fan of Dhanush for his unforgettable performances in 'kadhal konden' and 'pudhupettai' . The acting of Dhanush gives an ample glimpse of those films . He comfortably played the student role in the first half and did an extremely damn well performance as the bi polar affected person . His sadness , over enthusiastic ,anxiety, guilt, anger, isolation, speaks about his hopelessness character . The last scene where dhanush decides to give up his life and dangles whether to kill himself or not is the best scene in the movie . This scene will be remembered for a quite long time . The dubbing of the movie ruined everything . The tamil album was an instant hit , telugu songs are more of ridiculous to hear . This film is something beyond the ratings . This film is something beyond the story . This movie is about the spell bounding performances from the Lead actors .

Verdict :

It is an intense - romantic thriller embedded with striking performances . It had some hurdles and setbacks in between the film . The title 3 reflects the three stages of the love . The love story , the marriage and the post marital stage . The director succeeded in the love story and marriage stages but failed in the the third part . It was confusing , lengthy and little disturbing . Watch it for some brilliant execution and don't expect much form the movie .

Rating : 2.75 / 5

Review by Tharun Yeluguri



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