Every time , a function held in Mega Family its the media who stands in front of the row to point the errors . Media has become insane by assuming the baseless facts and creating their own conspiracy . To increase the TRP or telecasting the programs which bring people's attention if they are in short of Breaking news ,whet ever be the reason it is unacceptable and punishable event . They aren't called as media if they don't repeat a mistake again . This time , they have come up with an hypothesis regarding the Split in Mega Family . Media once again aimed their target towards Mega Family after the absence of Pawan kalyan in " Racha " audio Function .

In the past , they came up with the same old story regarding the Tear up in the Mega family at the time of " Panjaa " audio fucntion . They took a step ahead and concluded their conjecture with false information . The following day , Naga Babu called to a news channel and informed his ungratefulness regarding the cooked up story . He also informed that they will be together till the end and urged media not to create any fuss inside the family which might lead to an unhealthy atmosphere . A week Later Pawan kalyan joined ram Charam in his own Car and drove himself to his engagement . This resulted in media apologizing to the Mega Family and also became a fool in front of the Viewers .

Pawan kalyan is not an adamant or a relentless person . Why on earth would he keep distance from his own brother . Why would he ignore his own brother who is with him right from the beginning in his failures and Dark days . Why would he neglect his own brother who is the reason for what he is Today .

There is also an another side of the story which states that pawan kalyan is in hyderabad and why didn't he showed up for the Audio function . Earlier , Chiranjeevi replied saying Pawan kalyan is in US for the post Production of Gabbar Singh to the over excited fans who were hugely disappointed by Pawan kalyan absence . May be he is not aware of the consequences,but just to calm down the fans he might have forced to announce like that .

The heat of this situation has even moved to the national media , an article was published in Times Of India . here's the articleLink


I would be highly pleased if the media comes up with a genuine information rather than coming up with some fictitious story . I would also suggest media not be dishonest,invalid and incapacitate . At the end of the Day its Pawan wish/concern to come to the audio Function . Respect his Decision .



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