Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Ram Kapoor, Gulshan Grover
Directed by Sriram Raghavan

Agent Vinod is not a bad guy, but the Trailers/Teasers show"Sharbhi hai,Laundiaya bazz hai aur ek buri adadt hain Imandari" is just to add milege to the movie, in fact in the movie Saif Ali Khan doesnt Kiss or Romances any women, there goes the first quality of Bond/Spy movies, He is more dumb and reacts too quick and this doesnt go with audience well,i mean the pace is zero at times and too fast at instants but overall the movie drags with unwanted songs,with bad music and worst BGM which makes the worst Bond/spy movies feel better.

Coming to the story it Starts with Saif Ali Khan being captured by Afghanistan terrorist group and he out smarts them with the help of Ravi Kishan,Ravi Kishan is an undercover spy who works for These terrorists,He gets caught and is killed but leaves a MMS just before he is shot to Saif's Boss about no 242! And to find this 242 Saif try's Playing Gay and Pretends to be someone and gets caught again but he outsmarts them and finds 242 which is a BOOK at a auction and is a key to a nuclear Bomb, Kareena is just added for romance but isnt worth it. No Twists in the tale....The rest goes on with dumb chases and Interchanging the key and the bomb between the Saif, Kareena and Terrorist group.
At last the Terrorist gets both of them and the bomb is activated at New Delhi and the rest is about deactivating it. RIP off from GI Joe
Saif is bad,he doesn't match agent vinod, He is misfired though he has the fire to play the character well,So is Karrena she is wasted, Under performed.
Ravi kishan was brief, Prem Chopra, Ram kapoor and Rajat Kapoor were good. Stupid BGM's of 90's and OK-OK cinematography made it worse.
The saving grace was the ending titles were everybody felt better suddenly.
Agent Vinod is definately not worth your ticket, It can easily be skipped and dont even wait for the DVD's
If you are fan of BOND/spy movies and are desperate to watch Agent Vinod,Then get a LIC agent first

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