Rivalry between the Hero's is quite common in Telugu Film Industry.Especially if a hero hails from a big Family and have a competitor inside the Family its even Bigger.Manchu Manoj the Younger brother of Manchu Vishnu managed to grab the attention of viewers and scored enough marks to become unnoticed in the industry.It ain't surprise to say he is miles ahead in the race with his own Brother.


Mr Nokia (Manoj) is an orphan and a Cell phone thief.He is accompanied by his friends chicha (Kishore ) and Nampally ( Paruchuri Venkateshwar Rao )
The Real plot of the movie begins with the love story of the married couple Kiran(Raja) and Anu (Kriti Karbanda ).Kiran gets a good job and Leaves to Bangalore on the next day of their marriage.After the Departure, Shaj Jahan (Murali Sharma ) abducts Kiran and demands 2 crore Rupees from his wife Anu (Works as a Manager in Corporate Bank) in return for her Husband.This Leads her to Theft the money from Bank.Mr Nokia and Chicha in the process of their robbery comes to aware of the money possessed by Anu.They execute a Plan to deceive her and escapes with the money without the Knowledge of Anu.What happens to the money and rest of them forms the remaining Story.

On Screen:

I really wonder,Where does he(Manoj) get the energy from ? He is the One man with Tons of energy.He is damn good in Comedy as well as Heroic Roles.This is the unique talent and must have inherited from his father.Not to forget,he showed the Best actor in him with his facial expressions and loser kind of attitude in the Pre-Interval Song where He is Betrayed by his Girl Friend.Kirti Karbandha has nothing to do and she is Still Learning the alphabets of acting.Her role is more of an innocent women trying to rescue her Husband.Raja is the Best option for the role and his acting in the climax scenes portrayed a different actor in Him.Sana Khan is very Stylish in her Metro Looking girl who is obsessed of Wealth.Vennela Kishore is good in parts.His character defines the essence of friendship and quite different from his Previous Roles.Murali Sharma is very impressive in his Role.He did a Perfect sociopath goon role and a habit of Singing whenever he is overwhelmed.I experienced a loud Cheer from the crowd when he sings "Why this Kolaveri" Song in his own version which suited for the given situation.Brahamanandam with his Cameo was Funny yet incomplete.

Off Screen:

Before Mentioning about the caption of Ship,Cinematographer is the Real Asset to the Film.Using Lights at the correct place made all the Scenes look more Rich and Bright.Director did his best to keep the audience in the movie.Yuvan Shankar Raja was good in Back Ground music.It had a mixture of Hip hop,Rap and Folk numbers.Except for one or two all the songs are pretty good and Listening in Repeat is worth your Time.The song which comes before the interval rendered by Himself is one of the best in Yuvan's in the recent Times.


The Song " Oke Oka jeevitham " which Comes in the second half has the exact Lyrics and tune from the Song "Oru nallil vaazhkai" (Composed by Yuvan ) in the movie Pudhu pettai.This song defines the inner Meaning of how to lead your Life and gives a solution to come over the Darker Phase which is highly Inspirational.

My Opinion:

The entire movie runs on a Thin Story Line which happens to be in the Time line of two days.A Better Story with a Detailed explanation would have given a Bigger image to the movie.Screenplay of the movie is quite ambiguous.Editing was abrupt and could have been lot Better.Length ( 2 :15 ) of the movie is the big Advantage of the Film.Given the content with an extra 30 minutes might Give a Lengthy ride experience to the Viewers.Few Scenes are unhealthy and Dialogues may give a weird experience to the Family Audience.The main target of makers is to Give an out and out entertaining movie irrespective of Logic and ability to Think.I must say the movie is of "Less Logic and more Laughter" which reminds me of David dhavan Genre. Although movie looked more Stylish,it might not appeal to the Urban Audience But will give an immense Pleasure in terms of Entertainment for the Rest.


A scene in the movie where Manoj and Kishore has a Conversation about the money and manoj utters the dialogue by " Avuna ra Party ni Vileenam cheyadaniki vachamu kada andhuke Dabbulu Isthunnaru " No need to mention about the dialogue which is strictly written keeping Chiranjeevi's PRP in Mind.This shows how Immature,outrageous and ridiculous the writer and Hero Manoj is.Not Surprising, he is Following the foot steps of his father in this.

Rating : 2.75/5

Review written by Tharun Yeluguri
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