Cast : Srinivas, Reshma , M.S.Narayana , Rambabu.A , Sai , Shankara rao , Madhu Mani , Barghavi etc.

Music : J.B

Director : Maruti 

Censor Certificate : U 

Banner : Good Cinema group and Maruthi Media House 

' EeRojullo ' film is directed by Maruti a debutant director and this film stars Srinivas and Reshma in the lead roles. This film is a Romantic comedy entertainer. This film has been a promising one from the audio release and the trailers  are especially very promising. Music for the film is composed by J.B and this film is made on Good cinema group and SKN (Sreenivas) is the Executive producer for this film. 

Story : Srinivas is a software engineer who was madly in love with Rajini. He gives her 3 lakhs to help out from her problems but Rajini was not sincere in her relation ship with Sri and she escapes with the money along with an other guy. This makes sri not to believe in any relation ship with girls.On the flip side Reshma is an engineering student and in college she was very friendly with a guy called Karthik and he misunderstands the relation ship and he forces Reshma to Love him and from these things Reshma decides never to be friendly with Boys. 

On a fine day Sri Shifts his house to a new place and he lies to the Land lords that he was a married guy as the Landlords were not interested to give their house to a bachelors. Sri and Reshma starts of by Quarrelling with each other in their Apartment and Reshma happens to be the daughter of the Landlord and on a fine day Reshma comes to know that Sri is a married guy and she becomes friendly with him. when they were in some sort of relationship suddenly the story has some twists and turns and how Sri and Reshma  express their love is the remaining story.

Performances : Srinivas has delivered superb performance through out the film and he does an adequate job. reshma was also good in her character and in some scenes she looks similar to Trisha. The chemistry between the lead pair was awesome and Sai as friend of Sri pulls the entire show with his brilliant comedy. M.S.Narayana as Sri's uncle has done a cameo and rest of the cast were good and supported the Lead caste very well.

Technical Aspects : This film is completely Pasteurised with Cannon 5D camera and Prabakar must be appreciated for his cinematography and the way the output which came. J.B's Music was awesome and background was also superb. Production values were very good for a small film. Maruthi's direction was superb. 

Final Verdict : This movie is a Youthful entertainer. If u like different movies this movie is the best option. Family audience cannot watch this movie as it contains Double meaning dialogues and scenes 

  • Lead pair chemistry
  • Sai character 
  • Dialogues 
Minus :
  • Drags in 2nd half
  • Double meaning dialogues

Our Rating : 3.25/5



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