Mahesh babu is one of the few Stars of Telugu Industry who didn't kept his foot on the boat of Politics . His Father , Krishna was a tough competitor against NTR in those days . Congress party aided him and with the Political influence he climbed a few steps higher compared to a normal actor's career . This turned out him into an ardent admirer of Congress Party . In the past few years yet again Krishna tried to get an attention from Congress party with the assistance of Mahesh Babu's star image . His family was also spotted closely with Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy in one of the Nandi awards event . On the other hand Mahesh Babu discorded saying " I am not interested in Politics,my only aim is to act and receive good appreciation from the Viewers" . Contrary to this , his reputation and support from the media vastly increased post 2004 when Congress took over the government . He also received couple of Nandi awards under Congress administration . Taking advantage to this Congress tried to used him as a Bait in the 2009 Election , How ever mahesh babu refused and kept himself distant from the Politics .

Mahesh Babu works round the clock for the film Promotions . Despite being the fact of big hero status , he never hesitated visiting each and every tiny channel in the name of Publicity for his film . By all means , this isn't a crime/sin for the actors as it remains the key factor for the film to survive more but what annoys is the Fake promotions and fabricated collections which gives a wrong message to the public . His recent film Posters and trailers had a delusive writings like " All time industry " and " No.1 grosser " etc . This sort of actions clearly reflect the greed of Mahesh babu to become the No.1 hero . His pokiri was an Industry hit and everyone welcomed the success with gratitude . Later when Magadheera crossed it , Ram Charan stood in the the race with the remaining heroes to grab the Leading position . Perhaps this made Mahesh babu to feel insecure and vulnerable . In the process of retaining the success he did some terrible things in the name of Publicity by joining the hands of the producers with announcing Fake numbers .This atmosphere is strictly unacceptable and leads to an unhealthy environment which might ruin the entire industry .

Probably , most of us were surprised by Mahesh babu presence in the recent audio Launch of the film " Lovely " . Its quite astonishment for a hero Like Mahesh babu to attend a minnow audio release function . Perhaps many of us aren't aware of the reason behind this . B.A. Raju the producer of the film also worked as P.R.O of "Dookudu" film and played a vital role in its Publicity with announcing manipulated collections . This led mahesh babu to regain the lost success suffering from more than 5 years . Reminds me of the Barter system , you give me a hit and i will attend your function . Nothing but just a Business Transaction .

His recent Film Business man which released in huge number of Theaters managed to get a Positive talk,later a huge drop was observed in the collections and remained as an average film . Producers announced that movie has completed 50 days in 350 days . The truth is , film ran in 39 centers not even 10 % the real centers . This shows the bizarre,absurd and insane imagination of the producers. His another advertising strategy for the Business man film was by posting the review of the film few days before the release to receive more openings and to attract the trade people. Adding to all this Fuss , a man named Hussainayya recently joined the censor Board who is a huge fan of Krishna . This might lead the censor board to give positive feed back before the release which creates a huge impact on business and openings .On the flip they also had an opportunity to give the negative feed back to the other hero films. Now , not even God is aware of what more idiotic steps would mahesh Babu and his Co would take to continue their so called ridiculous strategies to keep him at the Top .



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