Post his Debacle " Nenu Naa Rakshasi " Rana Daggubati heard a number of stories and finally picked up a love story with a debut Director . He announced this film would be an out and out Commercial film and will also establish him as a commercial Hero . I was curious about the film and decided to watch it on the First day . Parucheeri Kireeti is the Producer for this film . I won't hesitate to say that his Previous film "Simha"would be the Biggest Hit in his career and "Naa Ishtam" would be the Biggest Disaster in his Career .

Story :

Ganesh ( Rana ) works as an event Organiser in Malaysia with a group of friends . His Character is a union of Self - Loving , egoistic and selfish . He isn't easily carried away by any sentiments . His main priority is to earn as much as money and recover the loans of his Father . In this process , he come across a girl Krishnaveni (Genilia ) who ran away from her home town in search of her Boyfriend Kishore in Malaysia . As promised by her Boyfriend she waits for him and realize that she has been deceived and attempts for suicide . Ganesh relieves and takes her to her Home town by saying her mother was attacked by Hear attack . On the other side Nasser , father of krishnaveni is busy with the preparations of her marriage and hides this information of her elope from the groom . In the mean time , Ganesh falls in love with her and takes her back to malaysia by lying about Kishore's visit to malaysia . Naseer is pissed off about his daughter's elope and decides to kill both of them . In this process Subba raju leaves to malaysia and meets Salim Bhai ( Shawar ) . Unexpectedly kishore turns up in Malaysia in search of Krishnaveni . Ganesh comes to aware about Kishore and acts as a friend in finding her and keeps him distant from Krishnaveni . Poor Kishore believes him and finally decides to leave maalysia as Krishnaveni is not found . Later he comes to know the betrayal of Ganesh and yet again Ganesh lies that Krishnaveni is dead . Heart broken Kishore attempts for a suicide , this makes Ganesh to think about his mishchieves and says the Truth to Kishore about His love . Kishore meets Krishnaveni and tries to explain about his mistakes , but Krishnaveni who is already in love with Ganesh denies Kishore's request and accept Ganesh's Love .

On Screen :

From the starting frame of the film it looked like incomplete and jumbled . Rana with his east Godavari dialect wasn't good . It didn't suited him . There are six fights in the movie and i must say every fight looked same . I don't know why Rana acted like a Boxing Player in every fight with same mannerism . The Stylist who designed his costumes and hair style should quit his Job . His hard work is clearly observed in his dances but nothing was impressive . He is damn poor in emotional scenes . Its time for him to visit acting classes before accepting the next film . I wonder why on earth Genelia accepted this role . Its neither matured , nor glamorous role . She looked good in few emotional scenes . The songs of the film are a Bumpy ride to the Hell . Only one song in the entire album is good to hear . Not even a single Character in the film performed well including Rana . Villain has to be furious and should be a Tough guy , instead his presence was more funny . Hilarious thing is he had a single dress in the entire film . Brahmanandam , Ali , raghu babu, Jogi brothers etc all are wasted .

Off Screen :

The Director's name appears after the interval reminds me of some of the creative directors , but nothing was creative in terms of story or direction . In fact the entire film was confusing and ambiguous . I wonder whether director is aware of what he is doing . The movie had some ridiculous moments like a scene happens in Malaysia and the next scene appears in Ramoji Film city . If a couple of scenes are canned like this , it can be excused but the entire movie was shot in such manner . There isn't perfect continuity in the scenes . The Back Ground music of the film is another minus and annoying . Art Director should be felicitated for his utter foolish work . One can easily find out most of the scenes were filmed in Ramoji Film city and showed as if they were shot in Malaysia . Either Director should be a fool or He tried to fool us by his meaningless , senseless and mindless story . Photography is good but the editing brutally murdered it .

Our Opinion :

Have you ever watched a film without a story ? Apparently Naa Ishtam is an answer to it . I don't know why but i was laughing all the time watching this movie . This laugh is included with Frustration , madness and irritation . Although its pretty hot outside i would rather stand in the Sun than watching this film in an Air conditioned Theater . Believe me , except for the Cool drink and couple of snacks which i ate in the interval nothing was good in the entire movie . Perhaps i made few mistakes in my past Life and god is Punishing me in this life with this Film . In medical Terms Doctors say People would forget past if you face an accident or Shock . You may forget your past if you watch this Film . Although i knew i was watching a film but i felt like watching a never ending Television serial . If you are going to watch this movie make sure you have a Hospital in the near premises . I never believed when people say that they have to use pain reliever balm after watching a film , i always questioned myself whether is that true . After watching this film , i have to believe their word . The Happiest thing in the entire film was when the screen Displayed "The End" and i felt like a convict walking out of a prison who just missed a Death Penalty .

Final Verdict :

If you have excess money and don't know how to spend it , better do some Charity or help the needy but never make this kind of crap and degrade the Telugu Cinema which is already in deep trouble . I am going with 1.5 only because of genelia and her Performance . If Rana , Director or any other Character comes to mind i might even give a Negative number . I suggest you not to watch it in Theater , television or DVD in future . Director fooled the entire audience a week before the Fools day ( April 1st )

My rating : 1.5 / 5

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