Cast : Allari Naresh ,  Sharvanand , Shriya Saran , Vimala Raman , Bhrammanandam , Ali , Kovai Sarala

Music : Bheems and Manisharma (Back ground music)

Cinematography : Dasarathi Shivendra

Editing : Marthand K Venkatesh

Story : Surya

Dialouges : Surya , Marudhuri Raja, Mohan

Screenplay : Surya

Director : Narayana. P

Producer : Vamsi Krishna Srinivas

Story : Allari Naresh (Avinash) was a thief and Sharvanand (Anand) was from a Rich family and they both fall in Love with Shriya Saran (Nandini) who was a doctor. They both try to overcome each other in their Love. Did Shriya fall in love with any one of them or is there any twist and turns in the story towards the end is the Basic story of the film. 

Script line : Allari Naresh is a thief in Amalapuram and Ali (Chanti) would be helping him in stealing . On a fine day they both steal some money from a cop and run away with a huge amount and they come to Hyderabad with that money. After they come to Hyderabad they see Shriya and Allari Naresh fall in Love with her. Sharvanand is a Phobiac Guy who is afraid of every thing and his father takes comes to know from one of his friends that their was a Doctor who could treat these kind of Patients very well so his Father takes Sharvanand to her were the girl happens to be Shriya and he falls in Love with her. Later in the progress of the film Naresh and Sharvanand comes to know that they both Love the same girl and they both try to overcome each other and they follow Shriya were ever she goes. Besides all this there is an other Character Bhrammanandam (Aku Bhai) who also falls in love with Shriya. So finally with whom Shriya falls in love or is there any twists towards the end of the plot should be watched on screen.

Performances : Allari Naresh was good with his Character as usual and also Sharvanand was also good with his charcter as they both were the Backbone for the film. They both try to overcome each other whis was picturised in a good manner and helps the film to some Extent. Shriya was very Glamorous in the film and her performance was also good with the two heros. Especially in the song Suur Surr .... song she was excellent . Bhrammanandam was ok with the comedy much time was utilised in spoofing some popular songs . Especially in a spoof of Rajinikanth song the hands shake was awesome. And the character Akubhai also portrayed very well. Vimala Raman sizzeles in a item song were she Sharvanand. Ali and Kovai sarala played their asusual roles in supporting thier pairs. 


  • Chemistry between the Lead pairs
  • Some hilarious scenes 
  • 1st half  


  • Predictable story line 
  • 2nd half was dragged completely 
Technical Aspects : Direction of Narayana was good in the 1st half and but for the second half his way of defining the story makes the audience feel Bored. Cinematography was good. Editing could have been better . Music was also good from the new comer Bheems. 

Final verdict : One can predict the story of  ' Nuvva Nena '. 1st half of the film was good. But the complete second half was dragged wich eventually makes the audience feel Bored. 

Our rating : 2 / 5 

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