Rana daggubati , the Grand son of Rama naidu daggubati is one of the Macho hero in Tollywood . He scored enough marks as an actor with his modest and down to earth nature in his Debut Film " Leader " . Everything was fine till here , things started to change when he got the offer from Bollywood . He started to behave like a big Star , as if he is bearing the entire tollywood on his shoulders , as if he is the only hero who is eligible to act in Bollywood . Few sources say that he bribed the media and requested them to chant his name to get more attention as he is new to Hindi film industry . This led media to establish an affair between Rana and Bipasha . With this so called cooked story his name became quite popular at the time of " Dam Maro Dam " release but sadly he went unnoticed after the film and luckily Bollywood was saved .

He also made few attempts for a debut in Tamil Film industry too . Lucky news to the tamil audience is he took back his decision . Perhaps he thought that its better to do a Telugu film again instead of doing another Language films . His next film was " Nenu Naa Raakshasi " . He teamed up with Ileana and claimed it as an extraordinary unique love story . He tweeted saying the film would be a trend setter in Lover stories . With the director Puri Jagannath as a tag everyone believed him , but at the end film turned out into an utter ridiculous senseless and meaningless story . The makers planned to do a Love story , but it ended up into a Horror film for the audience . If a Category like The Best Idiotic film award is added to the awards , i am pretty sure this film would win that award . His actions went to such an extent that he started to use his buddy Charan's help in his promotion . Few days earlier Charan tweeted saying Rana is looking Terrific in Department , Rana replied with thanks to his tweet within few minutes . I swear on god that Rana must be sitting beside charan and forced charan to tweet about him . Helpless Charan agreed to his friend request . Charan himself is a rare user of twitter who hardly uses for his own film promotion,one can easily find out why and who is the reason for his tweets . Today this went ahead and Charan posted the title song of " Naa Ishtam " appreciating his Dances , not a surprise Rana Re tweeted his tweet and expressed his gratitude . Frankly , none is aware of the Naa ishtam release due to its low Publicity and Rana is trying to give it a push with free Promotions in twitter . Remember he is the son of Producer , he is well aware of how to save money .

Please Rana , stop these annoying methods for your film promotions . If you are a really worthy hero people will do care about you or else none would give a damn



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