This is the question in everyone's mind,BusinessMan which released this Sankranthi got mixed talk from the  audience,But It was a feast for fans,though the movie managed to gain good openings at its first week,it gradually declined due to Negative talk,and the Vulgar and logic less dialogues kept women away,and so was the weak story line,Despite all these hunches Due to Huge release worldwide and Due to Craze of  Puri Jagan Mahesh Combo the movie completed 50 days in 35-45 centers world wide.And it is Mahesh's 3rd movie with above 30 cr share in Tollywood.With this movie  Mahesh Babu has 3 films out of top 5 30 cr + collected Movies(Record)
But its Sad that Mahesh Babu &/or Producers Have been Faking Centers and Figures for every other movie.

This time they have crossed Boundaries,They claim BusinessMan ran 50 days in 350 centers,which is actually 10 times the original(if they have Guts they should have produced the 50 days centers list too along with the press note)
And the Collections as they have claimed is as follows

1st Day collections 18 Crores

2rd Day collections 16.7 Crores

3rd Day collections 15.7 Crores

4th Day collections 14.2 Crores

5th Day collections 13.3 Crores

6th Day collections 9.3 Crores

7th Day collections 8.2 Crores

8th Day collections 6.5 Crores

9th Day collections 4.6 Crores

10th Day collections 5.4 Crores

11th Day collections 3.8 Crores

12th Day collections 2.5 Crores

13th Day collections 2.4 Crores

14th Day collections 2.6 Crores

15th Day collections 2.3 Crores

16th Day Collections 2.1 Crores

17th Day Collections 2.0 Crores

18th Day Collections 2.1 Crores

19th Day collections 1.9 Crores

20th Day collections 1.7 crores

21st Day collections 1.6 crores

22nd Day collections 1.5 crores

23rd Day collections 2.3 crores

24th Day collections 2.5 crores

25th Day collections 1.8 crores

26th Day collections 1.6 crores

27th Day collections 1.2 crores

28th Day collections 1 crores

29th Day Collections 1crores

30th Day Collections 1 crores

31th Day Collections 0.8 crores

32nd Day Collections 0.8 crores

33rd Day Collections 0.6 crores

34th Day Collections 0.5 crores

35th Day Collections 0.4 crores

36th Day Collections 0.3 crores

37th Day Collections 0.3 crores

38th Day Collections 0.2 crores

39th Day Collections 0.2 crores

40th Day Collections 0.1 crores

42nd nd 43rd Day Collections - 2.0

44th Day & 45th Day - 0.1

46 , 47, 48, 49, 50 Days - 0.2

Total 50 Days Collections 153.4 Crores ( Aprox)

(here we can observe that they have produced the collections list which is declining,Are the audience fools? Any movie does well in Weekends rather than weekdays but Mahesh's Producers Bluff that it collected consistently all the way long till its 6th week and than dropped(suddenly?))
While the actuals are 36cr including overseas 
BusinessMan is a huge flop in US and other Overseas,Below avg in B&C centers(Disaster at few) and Below avg at almost all A class center with no Marginal Returns(forget Profits).
Whatever,we wish Mahesh babu and His Fans all the best for his next Release.

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