Media Plays an essential role in the welfare of Society. Electronic media is one of the crucial one which indulge in our Biological lives. It is Very Crucial for them to be Impartial. All those who encourage Preconceived opinion,should not go unpunished. By all means,Justice is not served to the People.

In this context,We refer to the insecure,jeopardized Behavior of Tv9 Telugu.It always showed their hatred towards One section of people in Film Industry,Not Surprisingly Mega Family is the victim.No wonder they relished telecasting Programs Like "Dhookudu Crossed Magadheera" and "Dhookudu All Time Industry Record" . Tv9 is one of the reason,fans started abusing and arguing one another.In every way,it acted as a catalyst to increase the Rivalry.
The Telecast of Racha audio function is one of the Classic Example which reflected the Conscience of Tv9.Here are the couple of videos Rajamouli Releasing the Theatrical Trailer of Raccha and Observe the audio when Pawan kalyan name was Mentioned in both the videos.It was telecast-ed in Tv9 and Maa tv.At Numerous Times Tv9 Pretended By keeping the audio Mute whenever there is a Huge Cheer.One Should keep in mind that these kind of troubles are not observed in dookudu Audio Function or any of Mahesh Film's Audio function.
This is the Video from Tv9 . Please Observe the audio was kept in Mute from 3:08 to 3:35

This is the Video From Maa Tv. Please Observe the audio and the Roar of public from 3:38 to 4:08

Now it is left to the Viewers to believe Tv9. I would rather say "Tv9 is the Disgrace to the Electronic media"

In the 21st century,Web Media has become Substantial for each and every reason.Here Comes a Telugu Pre-determined Website with a tag Line "Dare to write". For the Fact,One can Hardly Find a genuine article in the Website.The Hilarious thing is Website claimed Raccha Audio Function was organized and executed in the Style of Dookudu Audio Function.Undoubtedly The website Support Mahesh babu and none is concerned about it.What makes more Annoying is Criticizing and Posting the Fictitious information about Mega(chiru)Family.

I personally Feel Media should be fair enough and it holds a Responsible position for the Friendly atmosphere between Different Section of people.If you are not here to Fulfill the Duty Please Step Down.



  1. All the money & pollitical matters babu. Tv9 emi topu kadu, vadu mundu nundi kuda ante kada. Chiru victim anadam matram tappu. Chiru venaka channel undi, political paty undi kabatti.

  2. TV 9 is like a prostitute in the Telugu media............... i stopped watching it......Even i observed while watching it but i thought it was a technical problem ...........They can support Dookudu or anyother movie but they cannot suppress somebody like MEGA FAMILY.......ONLY ONE HIT FOR PAWN KALYAN.........THEN SEE THE MAGIC..........


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