Deva Katta is a Award winning  Tollywood's one of the best directors who has given us a epic Movie Prastanam and a laugh Riot movie Vennela,His upcoming movie is ANS with Naga Chaitanya and Samantha,The director is most active in micro blogging site Twitter,Last wee there was a huge interactive session with his well-wishers fans & admirers lets check out the Question and answers between them......
devakatta: filmed 1 song and 60% of talkie portion for Autonagar Surya, that's 40 days shoot so far. Will complete shoot by end of may tentatively... will answer questions for next 30 mins...please shoot
PawanKalyanFan: When can we expect a film with Pawan in your combination and in what genre would you like to direct him?
devakatta: can’t say when…I’m interested in a political subject
Swams: what is the inspiration to u to do a film like prasthanam after vennela.thrilled with prasthanam movie.
devakatta: taste for different genre of films
ClickMyTalent: hi, pls your view on choosing naga chaitanya for this role any specific reason?
devakatta: i can see the character graph the way I dreamt of
RajMohanKatru: Hi sir,u seem much dragged away by black side of life...y so...hve u read "TheStory" by Robert McKee...i like ur intensity...
devakatta: i didnt read mckee will try..
SamanthaPrabuFC: Sir! how many days of shoot is left for #sam in #ans? we are asking this because she is having date issues for other films
devakatta: we have about 20 more days to go with her
veturisarma: how do you overcome depression due to your lame works....assuming you had any :) (Depression or lame works)
devakatta: Everyone can learn from failures, but depression over failure will be the real failure
massmaharaaj: who is dubbing for Samantha sir?
devakatta: prefer her own voice at this point...
sunilyadav: Can you do a project with Ntr.
devakatta: sure, would love to if he finds my stories exciting
theja: we r expecting ANS as another SHIVA please give us good fights n dialogues,by the way i saw ur interview simply superb
devakatta: those who expected their movie to be shiva ended up nowhere, your movie should be your movie...that's how shiva was shiva
theja: haha..funny not the movie SHIVA..i am saying tat u hav 2 set the trend in all crafts lik u did it in philosophical DIALOGUES.
devakatta: got it, thx :) trying to grow with each movie
roopavaitla: Sam is Looking super beautiful in 'Autonagar surya'...I so much love her clothes..n I wish garu n da team all the good luck !!!
devakatta: thanq, I luv Sam's costumes :)
iaamsunder: sir as u know naga chaitanyas bezawada is complete disaster,will u think it will advantage to u or disadvantage
devakatta: every movie is up with itself
iaamsunder: anyways I wish u all the best sir, what r ur next plans
devakatta: no concrete plans yet
Hroark s: How do you actually try to show Howard Roark as Indian taxi driver?
devakatta: surya is not a taxi driver and Roark is in all of us
Hroark s: Ohh Okey and Are you adopting TFH for your screen play
devakatta: donno wht TFH is
Naresh5: any plans of ur next movie ??? whom to direct ?
devakatta: no plans yet, long way to go..
phanitheprince: If u wanna say a few words about Superstar Mahesh...Wat will u say sir ?
devakatta: will say two words emphatically SUPER STAR !!! :
Singh Piyush: Pls do a film with nag sumtnhg close to nayakan(kanaml and mani ratnm)..muvie..
devakatta: would love to...
ganeshgoud: #vennala is a fresh movie whenever v see it what's ur opinion on #vennaala 1.1/2
devakatta: expecting the same with lots of fun
prudhvi boppudi: hi sir me big fan of akkineni family waiting for your ANS to give our chai a big success all hopes on you sir hope you do it sir
devakatta: giving our best, shaping up well so far...:)
ashok9: annai plz do a mve wid tarak . v fans cant wait 4r
devakatta: will try my part :)
sukhavasi_teja: Sir.... am a big fan of u especially ur dialogues in prasthanam were awesome ... Really waitng 4 dis movie
devakatta: hope to live up
Nvikasroy: hi sir , i have a 1question fr u ...passionate towards the lermovie making is by seeing movies or learning about the movies.
devakatta: both

kesamvinay52: please post working stills
devakatta: too early brother, will do when appropriate
VijayReddy: what justifies you to pick NagaChaitanya in the lead role for ANS?
devakatta: our trust on each other
Ashraf_Cherukur: Is ur total movie an abstract of 'The FountainHead' ?? or is it just for the character of Protagonist ??
devakatta: just that character sleeping in all of us
Kalkibabu: dear devakatta your films are really good having great ease
devakatta: thanq
charandms: sir do u have d opinion that 'PRASTHANAM' is urs identity and reputation bcoz u r don't changing d pic
devakatta: not that, just didn't finalize ANS logo yet
virnchi: one que autonagar surya mamalni prasthanam fever numdi bayataku testhadha
devakatta: it should, b'cause of genre difference

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