Ram Charan's Latest 'Racha' is doing extremely well at the box office and still wonder why some erratic websites who aren't elated with its success started to blow the film with false accusations . A Leading box office website collects the information from various parts of their sources and gives the data about the revenue of a movie . Its fair until here , but all of a sudden few people who can't digest the success of the movie are taking enough measures to pull down the movie .

According to the trade pundits , Magadheera was the Industry hit and Mahesh Babu managed to get closer to it . Although he did broke the 1st day collections and the overseas collections , the customary story of Dookudu couldn't get pass through visual wonder Magnum Opus Magadheera in terms of content . This has come out as a second highest grosser after Magadheera . Although Dookudu Producers and Mahesh babu announced officially saying "An all time record" , people didn't bothered about the fabricated collections . Mahesh babu's strategies in the name of publicity remained as Fake and this action by a Lead star turned out to be a Disgrace to the Telugu Film Industry . This Fake publicity has killed the success of the movie and damaged a genuine Hit . This move started a cold war between fans of both the groups . Its' not an end to a dirty beginning !

A Week later , NTR's oosaravelli released with huge number of theaters and managed to get bigger openings than Dookudu on Day 1 . Due to an average content the collections witnessed a huge drop in the coming days . Yet , the Hungry Producers announced the Fake Collections just to surpass the record collections of the previous Films . NTR followed the same path of Mahesh Babu in announcing the non-genuine collections , at the end the real potential of the film came out and the movie remained as an average grosser .

A few months Later , Pawan kalyan's Panjaa released with equal number of theaters with oosravelli , although few sources did say it collected bigger than oosaravelli on day 1 . Be grateful to the producers , they didn't announced the so called artificial collections . Their intention might be to stop the annoying Publicity with fraudulent collections . The film went on to become a below average fare . But the people were happy to see the move from the producers without announcing the collections . In a way they got relieved from the pain and must be thankful to the producers by keeping full stop to the Fake publicity .

There's a famous saying in Telugu " The tail of the dog never gets straight no matter how hard we try it " . Mahesh Babu and his producers must be having the same attitude . His latest film "Business man" released in most number of theaters crossing the previous record . Undoubtedly it got the biggest opening with the festival season to its tag . Everything was fine until here but what made every one pissed off again is the announcement of collections . Humorous thing is they went a step ahead and published 60 crores gross in 1 week with an "All time industry " record tag line . People started to laugh at those statements . With the false collections a good hit is getting ruined by the wrong Publicity . Producers might be in a hallucination with those numbers , but the people are aware of the film and its real success .

Last week Ram Charan's Racha got released with a mixed response from the people . The release of the film is quite less compared to the release of Business man . Yet , it got more openings than Businessman and surprised everyone with its box office running . Once again a good move by the Super good films in announcing the collections . They advertised the genuine collections unlike by the producers of Business man and Dookudu . It would be nothing less than a dog fight if they have announced fake collections keeping Businessman and Dookudu kind of films in mind . At the end of first week week the movie emerged as the biggest grosser in India for any Telugu cinema and a clean record is achieved by the film . Thanks to the Super good films for giving us a legitimate collections .

Well , the real tidbit is here . All these days Mahesh babu and his producers faked the collections and now its the turn of their fans to fake the Racha Collections . In every possible way they are afraid of the Stamina of Ram Charan at Box Office who created tremors in the industry with his 2nd film . In the process to defend themselves , they started to spread the fake collections , i.e spreading the number which is far lesser than the real number . A famous site which uploads Heroine's Hot Pics as Photo feature and also sob on Mega family showed their tenacious inexorable nature by Posting an article saying "Mahesh is still at no.1 with Businessman this year and Racha couldn't compete with it " . Well , we would really love to know from where did they got the information . Why on earth few sites which fits for nothing but claims as if they created the whole world . The day wouldn't be too far when they might even post saying Sharukh Khan is the world's best Batsmen and Sachin Tendulkar is the India's Biggest film actor .

Tollywod is a sacred Temple to many Stars as well as fans . Please don't damage it by declaring the fictitious information to the People . Hope the coming releases Gabbar Singh and Dhammu will follow a genuine path in announcing the collections . Be Genuine and deserve the Respect !



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