After a failure it’s a tough phase to survive for everyone . Be it a normal person or a celebrity . Its very hard for a Film star/an actor too . Like what to choose in the next project and whom to choose as the director . Ram Charan experienced the exact phase after his Debacle 'Orange' . Unlike others , he encouraged a new director and believed him . Few negative reports buzzed around before the release . I get to know that movie isn't extraordinary and just an ordinary fare . Although my mind was pre-occupied with all the thoughts, i made up my mind to forget everything and entered the theater with zero expectations .

Story : Movie opens in a village with Parthiban and Nasser as a good friends . They decide to give up their land to the Framers in order to develop their village and give a respectable life to the farmers . At the time of the registration a transformer explodes resulting in the massive death of the people . Coming to the present story Raj (Charan ) lives a care-free life and he earns with challenging the people . Raj lives with the adopted parents M.s Narayana and Sudha . In this process he comes up with a challenge with Ajmal(Rangam fame) and defeats him . . Unfortunately M.S narayana is admitted in the hospital due to his excessive drinking habit and doctors suggest him for an operation for which he need to pay 20 Lakhs . Ajmal who is defeated in the hands of Charan wants to take a revenge and asks him for a challenge . He asks Charan to make a girl to fell in love with him and in return he agrees to give the entire money for his Father's operation . Raj has to impress Chaitra ( Tamanna ) the only daughter of Ballari ( Mukesh rushi ) who is a big goon and loves his daughter to the core . Chaitra is surrounded by high security all the time . Helpless Raj agrees to this bet and begins his strategies to impress Chaitra . With his impressive Techniques and Intelligence he succeeds in meeting Chaitra and as the time goes Chaitra Falls in love with Raj . Finally, Raj wins the bet . But , why Ajmal asked Raj to love Chaitra ? What is the Relation between Ajmal and Chaitra ? Who is Chaitra and what does she want forms the rest of the story .

On Screen : Ram Charan tried to imitate his father in each and every frame . His Body Language , Dialogue delivery and mannerisms resembled Chiranjeevi in 90’s . The Dance movements by Charan are very impressive though not to the extent of incredible choreography , the grace in his steps and the positive energy is the big asset . I personally think Charan is yet to improve in the facial expressions particular in emotional scenes . The fights in the climax and the dialogues uttered by him will be loved by his fans . In short he is the show stealer . Tamanna is the another advantage to the film . Her costume designer needs a special appreciation . Her make up man did the best to show her beautiful on the screen . She looked as a perfect co-star to Charan . The movie wouldn’t be the same without Tamanna . Brahmanandam and ali had a hilarious entry but all of a sudden they were unseen and looked incomplete . Krishna Bhagvan and venu madhav are Okay . With the given number of comedians one expects a huge comedy track which is not in the movie . Mukesh Rushi reminded me of the Same ‘Jalsa’ role . Actually his artificial mustache made him look funny than ferocious . Kota Srinivas was very Brief . Ajmal did a very promising role . He lived up to the role and I am pretty sure he will receive much more offers at his door in the coming future . The Dialogues by paruchiri brothers are good . Few Dialogues will be uttered by fans in the repeat mode and one liners are impressive as well . Though few dialogues looked over the top by praising Charan and Chiranjeevi unnecessarily , they should have written keeping fans in mind . All they want is to give a special bonanza to the fans who are disappointed with his previous one .

Off Screen : The director came up with a known story . Still he managed to make the audience not to get a bored feeling or a lengthy ride . The other Big advantage of the movie is the less run time . The appreciable thing is , movie was never irritating or annoying like the other routine endless mass movies . Mani Sharma music was just an average . One or two songs are good to hear and remaining are not exciting . He even failed in giving an efficient Back ground music in the first half , he did a good job in the second half compared to the first half . Sameer Reddy cinemataography was not up to the mark . After Chararn statement of praising sameer I expected a lot more from him and I was highly disappointed . Editing should have done better .

My Opinion : I just want to say the film will be a time pass fare . Its neither excellent nor a dud . It will be hugely loved by the Hard core mega fans who are eagerly awaiting for a mass film and would be an entertaining film for the mass audience . For the rest of the people it’s a one time watch . It may not get the same response in the A centers compared to B and C due to its mass content . Due to less humor and more violence in the second half , it may not be liked by the Family audience too .
[ I have to say its just my curiosity that i want to share this . You can skip this if you are not really bothered about something which isn't related to the review ] Its about an incident happened this evening . A noted film critic watched the film and tweeted its unnecessary to write a review for this film . He also expressed his grief saying there's nothing new in the film . With all due respect , I just want to ask you a question . Haven’t you seen the trailers and interview of the director speaking about the film ? Were You expecting an 'Inception' ? . In addition to this he also mentioned that there is nothing to discuss much about the film if it is meant for the fans . Of course , yes the main target for each and every Star film is the Fans and what’s funny in doing the film for their own fans . I would really love to see your film if you ever direct a film . Its Fine , Leave it and the biggest Hilarious thing is , this man doesn’t like mass movies and tweeted when’s the release of Dhammu . Are you kidding me ? Is Dhammu a message oriented film or a Mythological film ? Why on earth a guy like you who is highly intelligent in reviewing a film would wait for a mass masal film ? I wish you will regain to your senses and hope you will behave like a normal human being in the future . Hatred is quite common in our industry , but this prejudice based on particular community is unacceptable and punishable event .

Verdict : With a promising first half , the expectations will rise to high for the second half . To be frank second half has no story . The weak narration in the flash Back episode and a predictable climax are a big let down in the film . The interval bang suggested by Chiranjeevi turned out to be a normal and an expected twist . With a good story and a nice humor in the second half there would be no stopping for the film .
I am an ardent admirer of chiranjeevi and no one will stop me even if I give 5/5 . But being a movie lover and a movie reviewer I would love to be genuine . I would end up saying this is a one time watch for the normal audience and a must watch for the Mass audience and Mega Fans . I would go with 3 because of the non-boring execution , though the story is not a new one . The likes of Ram Charan and Tamanna Glamor quotient are the biggest positives of the film . If you are a mass telugu movie lover , go for it without a second thought . I would suggest you to go with least expectations and will walk out of the theater with a smile .

Rating : 3/5

Review by Tharun Yeluguri

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