#BiggBossTelugu2 was launched on July 1st, 2018 and it concluded on September 30th, 2018 with Kaushal Manda emerging as the winner. The season had 112 days and was the longest season compared to Season 1 which lasted for 70 odd days.

The show had its own share of controversies with public showing its displeasure towards the makers, host and obviously the contestants considering the way the show panned out.

Let us look at the aftermath of the season and a brief about the contestants.. who became what? Who went where?

Firstly Natural Star Nani

Nani garu started the season with a bang. Naaa Nee T.V lo was a good tagline, hosted the show well in the initial stages. Be it condemning Nimmakay Star Kireeti Damaraju, who bullied Kaushal or be it handling Mr. Righteous Babu Gogineni sir..

But What went Wrong with Natural Star and why the displeasure????

Bias towards his "Ride Movie" co-star Tanish. Giving gentle warnings to Tejaswi despite she showing misconduct every now and then. Influencing the elimination of Nutan Naidu. Saving Tanish till finale despite having least votes.

People didn't like it. Nani was brutally trolled in Social Media. The actor called it quits with this season as host.

# Geetha Madhuri

Runner-up of the season is happily leading her married life. Her husband Nandu's Instagram stories have more info.

# Amit Tiwary - Bhayya

Not seen anywhere. Not even in films. Has his image as a soft person taken a hit on his career?? Not sure

#Deepti Nallamothu 

Not much limelight thereafter. Appearance in few campaigns here and there. Thank you Akka.

#Tanish Alladi

2 movies released after the show. DesaDimmari bit the dust. Rangu had promise but didn't do well at the box-office. 'Evari abhiprayam valla daggera unchukunte better'

#Babu sir or Babu Gogineni

Babu garu received severe backlash after the show considering his appeal on the screen. The humanist cum atheist appeared in many news channels expressing his opinions on the show and the displeasure of some fan clubs..Yes, yes #KaushalArmy... He participated in the much-hyped Debate with Kaushal and fans are waiting for the video.

Overall he is nowhere to be heard now.

#Bhanu Sree

Few t.v shows and dance programs. The glam doll has the stage for a good career ahead.

#Roll Rida

Rapper Roll Rida has enthralled as well as caused few headaches with his raps has had his albums released while in the show itself. Currently, he is participating in few events and keeping himself busy with his music ventures.


Anchor Syamala is back to her anchoring works. Nothing much spectacular just like her existence in the game show.

#Lemon star Kireeti Damaraju

The theater went berserk when Kireeti made a cameo appearance in Taxiwaala. An offer here and there, that's all for Kireeti.

#Deepti Sunaina

Another contestant who had severe backlash for her on-screen presence. Currently, she is busy doing nothing, even her dubsmashes have reduced and no offers as of now.

#Tejaswi Madivada

The young and vibrant Tejaswi was front-runner for winning the season but everything fell apart after her on-screen romance with Samrat Reddy and her dirty tactics against Kaushal right from the beginning. She was the host for Great India laughter challenger Telugu and due to its lack of success and appeal, the actress hasn't achieved much fame. Currently inactive.

#Samrat Reddy

The tall and lanky Samrat although achieved good accolades in the show for his demeanor, this hasn't helped him in transforming it into him getting any movie offers.

Nandini Rai

Nandini was a wild card entrant. Her on-screen liking to Tanish was the reason why she was evicted. She acted along Sunil and Allari Naresh in Silly Fellows and despite not having a box office break-through, she is still contention for roles.

Pooja Ramachandran

Another wild card entrant in the mid of the season. She showed lot of promise and spunk in her initial stages. But fights with Kaushal (who had immense fans support) and lack of interest was the cause for her exit. 

Common man Categories 

Nutan Naidu

All of them went unnoticed. Haven't gained anything out of the show.

Kaushal - Winner

The actor cum model entered the show as an underdog, survived bullying in the second week, broke through bunch of bullies, back-biters, eliminations and won the hearts of audience with his Uber Cool attitude. Although unsure, it is said that Kaushal won the show with 80 percent majority and record number of votes.

Fan meets, success tours, Tv interviews, brand ambassador for brands and with an movie offer in hand it has to be seen whether the small screen actor can make it big and transform his success onto big screen.  



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