Story :  Vijay (Srinivas) is an honest cop, who always believes in being honest and doing the right thing.
On one mysterious night our hero meets the 1st heroine (Mehreen) strangled by goons and as usual,
our hero bashes up the goons and saves the heroine. Some mysterious turn of events take place, which ends up our hero being labelled as a kidnapper by Interval.
Why is our hero labelled as kIdnapper? Who is Kajal Agarwal?
Why do we get to see Neil Nitin Mukesh on screen featuring in a Telugu film?

For the answers for the above questions, well you need to hit the queues (if there is any) to the nearby theater to find out.

Actors Performances

Srinivas B ::  Srinivas looks solid and looks muscular than before.
However, his dialogue delivery still needs improvement.
Looks wise he is fine and acting skills are decent enough.

Kajal A :: Unfortunately, Kajal isn’t the old Kajal and she is more of a Razole now.
The veteran actress (if I can call it) has lost the charm and looks tired.
Take a break yaaa.. Moreover, she has got limited footage.

Mehreen P...Zaada :: This lady has got a decent score to perform this time.
Her acting ability improved from 25% to 32% percent this time.

Neil Nitin Mukesh :: Surprisingly the faded bollywood actor makes his debut in telugu cinema.
A villain role that he puts in his 100% percent but doesn’t look convincing..
How unfortunate for N.N Mukesh. But special thanks to HemaChandra for adding the spice with his voice over.

Other Cast ::
Satyam Rajesh, Mukesh Rishi, Harshavardhan Rane, Posani are all there but just there.

Positives ::
Mehreen & Srinivas
Action Sequences
Twists here and there

Negatives ::
No Entertainment
Boring 2nd half
Routine Climax

Overall :: If you have no work, you can give it a go or just skip it.

Rating : 2.75/5



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