Thella Raju is a Telugu web Television series also released in Tamil and Hindi, starring Bobby Simha, Parvati Nair, Gayathri Shankar & Kaali Venkat.

This is the First Amazon Prime Original for Tamil.
Produced By: SR Prakash Babu & SR Prabhu
Directed By: Guhan Senniappan
DOP: Madhesh Manickam
Music Directed By: Vishal Chandrashekhar Edited By: Philomin Raj
Edited By: Philomin Raj

An investigating cop named Theresa starts digging deep into the underbelly of the city’s crime files to find a case that talks about a lump sum extortion of drugs. Everything links her to Deva, a fugitive drug lord who is hiding at a motel named Bawa Lodge for over 3 years now. Deva has to do everything in his power to keep his business running and also get out of the situation unharmed. What does the future hold for Deva?


I expect nothing but the best when the much-hyped first Amazon Original for Tamil released, also with National Award Winner Bobby Simha but this Vella Taja turned out to be just an okay watch. It is 10 episodes long but the episodes are very engaging and the dubbing was great. The BGM, Cinematography and all the technical aspects are too good. The casting was just alright.

Bobby Simha was hardly seen in the beginning episodes but his screen presence is top notch. He plays the role of a wannabe Drug Lord, he is cruel and witty. His character, betrayal, presence of mind are showcased well on the show.

The Police Officer- Theresa played by Parvati Nair hardly speaks, she has literally nothing to do with the show until the last episodes.

Gayathri Shankar steals the show, she plays a lawyer and an activist fighting against Cancer causing Industry ~ Sterlite? She got a meaty role(shared more screen than Bobby Simha) and she did complete justice to it. The Lawyer/Activist gets caught in the fugitive drug lords Hotel. The twists and tales revolving around her are the best of the show.

Overall, Thella Raju is worth a watch definitely, the only thing is it could have been a lot better. I binge watched the entire series as it was engaging to me. Unlike other Indian South TV Shows, it has less profanity and no nudity. So you can surely watch this with family at your Home on Prime Video.

Rating: 3/5

If you have watched the show, let us know how did you like it in the comments below :)



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