Petta is Rajnikanth’s 3rd release in a single calendar year. With his hardcore fan Karthik Subbaraj who has delivered great critically acclaimed movies like Iravi, Pizaa and Jigarthanda directing this crazy project, the buzz is high. The movie also stars Vijay Sethupathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Simran Trisha, Bobby Simha, Megha Akash and Sasikumar in prominent roles. Let’s see how the movie fared:


Rajnikanth was at his vintage best, he was shown this way in Kaabali/Kaala and other movies for like 30 seconds in the intro songs. But with Petta, he was completely into it, it’s a visual feast for fans with Rajnikanth dancing in not one…two three but all the songs, those histrionics, the body language, the swag of the walk he does, everything was perfectly blended very well.

The entire first half was build upon Rajnikanth, heavily dependent on his punches, elevations, and fights. While the 2nd half had a bit of flashback where there is a younger Rajnikanth with a long mustache, where he delivered subtle performance.

Simran and Megha Akash play mom-daughter duo and had nothing much to do except a song and few scenes. They were wasted.  Vijay Setupathi added weight but continued as usual with his charm, he was good but was overshadowed by Rajnikanth. Nawazuddin though having the most important role had very few lines. His role was very meek, expected much more from him. SasiKumar appears for a brief time in the flashback. Trisha just flashes as Rajnikanth’s wife in the flashback for less than 5 minutes with a song montage.

Direction and others:

Karthik Subbaraj being a hardcore fan did 100% justice to the opportunity he got. He showcased Rajnikanth in a way what every fan dreams of. Director, however, played safe with routine content managing a decent narration.

Music by Anirudh was fantastic, the BGM’s complimented the elevations of Rajnikanth very well, similar to Anirudh’s Kathi Music BGM.

 Cinematography was very good. The Color grading was very pleasant and an eye treat to watch.

What we did not like: 

What we did not like is the run time of almost 3 hours and the routine predictable content. At least with Karthi Subbaraj who made great movies earlier, I expected decent content. There is literally no plot in the first half until interval where the other chars are introduced. The 2nd half is where the content opens but it's predictable mostly, 2nd half has flat narration too. The last one hour was a messy ride just to complete the movie better.

Overall, its feast for Rajnikanth’s fans, his best avatar in the recent decade easily. But unfortunately not Karthik Subbaraj’s best.




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