After delivering a stupendous blockbuster last year with Rangasthalam, Ram Charan paired up with Boyapati Srinu for the first time for Vinaya Vidheya Rama. Produced by D.V.V Danayya, the film consists of huge star cast in the likes of Kiara Advani, Sneha, 'Jeans' fame Prashant, Vivek Oberoi, Aryan Rajesh, Mahesh Manjrekar and others.

#VVR is touted to be one of the most anticipated film along with the other releases that released in the festive season, with a successful director combined with a blockbuster hero, lets see how this fared.

Story : 4 scrap selling orphans decide to end their miserable life suddenly find a wounded baby orphan near a railway track. They grow up and turn out to be Prashanth, Aryan Rajesh, Ravi Varma, Madhunandan and Ram Charan being the youngest brother. Prashanth , who is an IAS officer lands into trouble with politician Mukhesh Rishi and this leads to troubles for the family. What happens next? Where does Vivek Oberoi stand among them? For all these questions you would need to watch it on the Big Screen.

Actor Performance

Ram Charan Tej is a proven actor and we have already witnessed it in his performance in Rangasthalam. RCT shows the same energy and intensity be it in evoking emotions or his dance performances. He single-handedly carried the entire film on his shoulders. Director Boyapati Srinu showcased Ram Charan to his full extent and it will be a delight to fans watching him on screen.

Kiara Advani has limited screen presence and is utilized as a glam doll. Not much to speak about her perfomance. Only plus point being the pair of Ram and Kiara looked great on screen and both of them danced gracefully in the songs.

Vivek Oberoi The tall and stylish actor makes his debut in tollywood and it has to be said it is a disappointing choice. As an henchmen, Vivek does a good job but the role doesn't evoke the much required sense. Blame has to go towards the director for writing poor scenes aided by senseless action sequences.

Others Sneha and Prashanth get a meaty role on the screen and they do justice to their roles. Eesha Gupta is totally wasted in a role that had 2 scenes and a song. Same is the case with Aryan Rajesh, Mukesh Rishi and Mahesh Manjrekar, who have been wasted with roles that have no impetus.

Technical Departments & Others

The film was shot with lavish budget and it can be clearly seen on screen. While the entire 1st half was shot in local, the focus shifts to outdoors in the second half. Production values are top notch.

Director Boyapati Srinu, who gave a decent film in the form of Jaya Janaki Nayaka last time, fails terribly this time as he lands up with a plot that is neither new nor engaging. Telugu audience have seen this template time and again and its time Boyapati changes his style of making of movies otherwise the end card is nearby.

The film has decent commercial elements but its the mundane action sequences and the bloodshed in the second half that make this film a disappointment.

Music is decent but definitely not the best by DSP. Re-recording is a plus point that elevated couple of scenes.

Hits of the Film

RamCharan's energetic performance

Phat's of the Film

Boyapati's routine template
Senseless action sequences
Huge star cast wasted

Verdict : The film opened to decent crowd on Friday Morning across the two states. However, the mouth publicity is pretty poor across social media and outside the theaters. While the film caters to B.C centers due to mass sequences, overall its a bad venture and might fall empty in coming days.

RCT who was on a high with Rangasthalam will have a dent in his career graph with VVR. We have to wait and see how this fares in the coming days as no film among the recent releases has set the festive season of fire yet.

Rating : 2/5



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